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Updated On: 1st February 2015

Philips Shavers Price List in India
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Philips Shavers Price in India 2013
BestsellersBest Selling philips Shavers (View All)
Philips AT890/16 Shavers
Rs. 2,949
From 7 stores
Philips BG2024/15 Shavers
Rs. 2,199
From 7 stores
Philips AT891/16 AquaTouch Shaver
Rs. 3,980
From 1 store
Philips PQ202 Shaver
Rs. 1,030
From 2 stores
Philips AT621 Shaver
Rs. 2,329
From 2 stores
Philips AT756 Shaver
Rs. 2,859
From 7 stores
Philips AT600 Aqua Touch Shaver
Rs. 1,632
From 5 stores
Philips AT750/16 Shavers
Rs. 3,529
From 2 stores
Philips HP6306 Shaver
Rs. 1,159
From 5 stores
Great Deal!Deal
Philips HQ912 2 Headed Shaver
Rs. 1,595
From 3 stores
Philips HP6341 Shaver
Rs. 1,435
From 4 stores
Great Deal!Deal
Philips RQ1250/16 SensoTouch 3D Shaver
Rs. 12,895
From 2 stores
Philips BT5260 Shaver
Rs. 8,069
From 1 store
Philips RQ310 Shaver
Rs. 3,168
From 2 stores
Philips HQ6970 3 Headed Shaver
Rs. 2,600
From 2 stores
Philips QG3352-95 Trimmer
Rs. 5,819
From 2 stores
Great Deal!Deal
Philips QS 6140 Style Shaver
Rs. 3,985
From 3 stores
Great Deal!Deal
Philips PH-HP6381/20 Trimmer
Rs. 1,795
From 1 store
Philips HQ801 2 Headed Shaver
Rs. 1,295
From 1 store
Philips PH-HP6422/00 Epilator
Rs. 6,280
From 2 stores
Philips PQ225 Shaver
Rs. 2,668
From 1 store
Philips QG3342/23 Body Grooming Shaver
Rs. 3,081
From 2 stores

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