Nokia to re-enter the market with Android-based phones and tablets

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One of the most trusted mobile brand, widely known for its ‘Connecting People’ tagline, Nokia, is all set to re-enter the market with its smartphones and tablets. This time, the company is going to make Android-based smartphones and tablets, which the users have ever wanted.

With Microsoft’s decision to sell its entire feature phone business to Foxconn for USD350 million, Nokia has announced that it will now license its brand name to a Finland-based emerging company called the HMD Global Oy, which is a subsidiary company of Foxconn. As per the deal, HMD will reserve all the rights to the Nokia brand until 2024.

Interestingly, instead of manufacturing the devices by themselves, Nokia will be outsourcing the entire production of mobiles and tablets to HMD. Accordingly, HMD is going to invest USD500 million for the global marketing of Nokia’s brand value, for the next three years.

As per the deal between Nokia and HMD, Nokia will have a position on the board of directors at HMD Global, which will ensure the brand and performance-related provisions. It is also confirmed that Nokia will receive royalty payments from HMD for the sales of devices under the brand name of Nokia.

Regarding this deal, HMD exclaimed, “Together, these agreements will make HMD the sole global licensee for all types of Nokia-branded mobile phones and tablets.”

Although the deal between these company is slightly confusing, the consumer needs to know that they will soon be seeing the Nokia’s Android-based smartphones and tablets. Would you be interested?

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Sukesh supports all Chinese smartphones vehemently and we think that makes him a closet leftist. He is also known to break phone displays and not fix them.


  1. Although it is late, a good decision is taken by Nokia. People specially in India want budgeted phone with good features in it.
    Nokia have to take care about that. At the same time they need to test their phones as many time as they can to sustain in market.
    Actually Nokia have a good name in mobile industry,this will be interesting to see how Nokia performs against all brands (specially micromax & samsung).

  2. In India Nokia = Samsung., Sony, apple, LG, Motorola Asus, micromax, xiomi, and lots more. If Nokia will come again I m sure that for sale of Nokia is 50 % and 50% for all the other brands which are currently going on

  3. Nokia was always my best phones. I wish that you will make a phone that never before.
    Hi Nokia I m waiting. Best of luck!

  4. Considering the tough competition from Chinese brands,Nokia will have to concentrate on user customable phones,give value at good price…otherwise it will just be a splash in the ocean.

  5. Nokia plz make pocket fraindly phone with best hardware & software combination. As soon as iam waiting—-.

    • Yes I am interested. But it’s very critical time for them. They need to be double check their product before releasing in the market.

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