New iPhone 7 Plus leaks reveal dual-camera setup and 256GB storage option


The iPhone 7 Plus is still months away until Apple officially launches it but rumours are already circulating the internet by the dozen. One rumour, which has been in spotlight for a while is the dual-camera setup on the iPhone 7 Plus. Corroborating the earlier rumour, a Weibo post surfaced online suggesting the same. Interestingly, the leak also suggests that the iPhone 7 Plus will come in a 256GB variant.

The images leaked on the Weibo suggest that the iPhone 7 Plus is expected to bring a major upgrade to the camera, supposedly a dual-camera setup (in line with the earlier reports). What’s interesting is that the images also show a 256GB storage option indicating the possibility of a 256GB variant this year to cater to the needs of shutterbugs. If true, this would be a very interesting move from the Cupertino-based tech giant.

The leaked images show 16GB, 64GB, and a 256GB as available storage options, suggesting that the 256GB variant will replace the existing 128GB variant. This also means that the company is not going to ditch the 16GB variant. For the moment though, we shall take all rumours lightly.

Earlier this week, a leak surfaced online revealing the repositioned antenna band locations on the 4.7-inch iPhone. The earlier leaks also suggest the inclusion of laser auto-focus which will provide better low-light performance and faster auto-focus.