Xiaomi announces Mi Band 2 with an OLED display, heart rate sensor


Xiaomi, the Chinese electronics maker, has announced second-generation fitness band – Mi Band 2. The new model flaunts an OLED display and a heart rate monitor along with new strap design. Xiaomi set a price of $23 (Rs. 1,550 approximately) for this new Mi Band 2 and will sell in China starting June 7.

Xiaomi has added a variety of improvements in the Mi Band 2 in the same capsule shape design. The 0.42-inch OLED display with a capacitive button is the new change. The display shows steps, heart rate, and other data by simply lifting your arm or tapping the capacitive key. No need to open the Mi Fit app. There’s a heart rate sensor under the capsule.

mi_band_2One of the key updates is the IP67 certification which makes the Mi Band 2 resistant to water splashes and dust. The company packs a new ADI accelerometer married with new pedometer algorithm to track steps accurately while consuming ultra-low power.

The band is capable of tracking the deep sleep and light sleep cycles to give a comprehensive view of sleep cycles. In case you’ve been sitting for too long, the band vibrates to give an inactivity alert. Xiaomi has tweaked the Mi Fit app interface to program the Band 2 for giving a vibration alert for incoming phone calls and text.

The Mi Band 2 packs 70mAh battery which is claimed to last for 20 days on standby. Weighing just 7g, the Mi Band 2 will go on sale from June 2 onwards in China. There’s no word on its release in India yet.