Tizen OS-based Samsung Z2 (SM-Z200F) spotted in Zauba listing


It looks like Samsung is importing a new Tizen OS-based device to India pretty soon. A new Zauba listing reveals that the Samsung Z2, or that is what we think the phone will be called, is being imported to India for research and development purposes and not for sale.

The rumoured Samsung Z2 spotted in the Zauba listing with the model number SM-Z200F will have a 4-inch display and run on the Korean tech giant’s proprietary OS – Tizen. The Z2, just like the Z1 and the Z3, could be targeted at the Indian market. The phones are being imported at Rs. 10,310 each, which could indicate the ballpark price tag of the final retail unit.

Earlier, SamMobile had reported that SM-Z200F had received a Bluetooth certification. Apparently, the Z2 will also include the S Bike mode as seen in Samsung phones like the J3 and the J5. This means that Samsung could have worked from ground up to build the mode specifically for Tizen OS. Another report also confirmed that the phone will support 4G LTE.

Samsung Z2 Zauba listing
Samsung is hosting an event in India on July 6 where the Z2 might be announced. We should have more details about the phone about the Samsung Z2 trickling in by then. Stay tuned for more updates.