Transcend launches new SSDs in India starting at Rs 2,999 for 120GB


Transcend, which is popular for its flash storage products like pen drives, has launched three new SSDs in India. Transcend SSD220S solid state drives come in three storage variants; 120GB, 240GB, and 480GB. The 120GB SSD costs Rs 2,999, while the 240GB one costs Rs 4,790. The 480GB variant of the Transcend SSD220S will cost Rs 9,990, and all the variants will soon be available across online and offline stores in India.

Transcend claims that SSD220S series of high-performance solid state drives can achieve a sequential transfer speed of 550Mbps and a 4K random read and write speed of 330Mbps. These 6.8mm thin SSDs weigh just 58 grams, and have TLC controllers. TLC controllers mean that these drives have shorter life cycles. These SSDs also use DDR3 RAM for caching data.

Transcend is offering 3.5-inch brackets with these SSDs to mount them into PCs and laptops that already have 3.5-inch bays. The company is offering a 3-year warranty with Transcend SSD220S drives. SSDs are generally much faster, power-efficient, and stable than mechanical hard disk drives, but they cost much higher.