Bang & Olufsen launches BeoVision 14, a 4K TV that runs on Android TV


Bang and Olufsen, the company known for making high-quality TVs and speakers that stand out owing to their distinctive design, has launched a new TV to its BeoVision lineup, the BeoVision 14. This 4K Ultra-HD LED TV breaks away from the standard design that most displays have nowadays, and instead comes in an aluminium frame with oak wood lamellas at the front. beovision-14

The BeoVision 14 runs Google’s TV OS, Android TV which offers you a wide array of apps to choose from. The TV doesn’t support HDR, which is a bit of a disappointment since High Dynamic Range is supposedly the next big technology in terms of TVs. The display has a 360-degree light sensor which adjusts the image on the screen depending on the amount of light in the surrounding environment. It also has an anti-reflection coating which, as claimed by the company, reduces reflections by up to 98 percent. 

There are three-way speakers underneath the lamellas that allow you to wirelessly sync with any other speakers on Bang & Olufsen’s multiroom network. These speakers employ the same technology in the three-way custom speaker at the front as used in the company’s BeoLab 18 loudspeaker. Furthermore, the company has also provided a motorised stand which allows you to change the direction of the TV using a remote control.

The TV comes in two variants – 40-inch and 55-inch – which cost £5,190 (₹4,49,561) and £7,190 (₹6,22,802), respectively. But this pricing isn’t anything out of the ordinary for a product coming from Bang and Olufsen. However, the TV is only available in Europe currently, but you can expect the company to launch it in other countries soon.