Google Chrome Beta 54 allows background video playback among other features

google on smartphone
a smartphone and computer running google search.

Google Chrome Beta 54 is here, and it offers beta testers a whole lot of new features. The most promising one is that you can now play videos in the background even when you move away from that particular tab. However, you must note that a playing video will still pause when you exit the app, but you can always resume playing it by pressing the play button on the media notification. This feature also works alongside YouTube’s mobile website.

While the previous update, i.e Chrome 53 would also play videos automatically, they would pause when you would switch to another app on the home screen. This has been resolved with Chrome Beta 54.

This feature apart, there is also a New Tab page which features Google’s logo and the search bar. You can access the page from the menu at the top right corner. The older version would have the bookmarks ribbon and links to the frequently visited pages shown on the home page. But now, the New Tab page has  a minimalistic look completely clean and devoid of anything but the logo and the search bar.

Another new change with Google Chrome Beta 54 is that it does not come with Download Manager. All the downloads now take place in the browser itself. The browser, however, still asks you permission to begin download, as it would for Download Manager.

All of these features can be accessed from all platforms.

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