Apple MacBook prices increased, most expensive variant now ₹10,000 dearer


Barely a week after Apple announced its new MacBook Pro lineup at an event in San Francisco, the company has increased the prices of its 12-inch MacBook lineup in India. The most expensive version of the Apple MacBook will now cost you ?10,000 more. Other versions of the ultra thin laptop too have got a price hike. The Apple India website has now been updated with the newest prices.

Back in March 2015, when the MacBook was newly launched, the base version of the laptop sold for ?99,000. A year later, in April 2016, Apple refreshed the lineup with newer processors and hardware. This resulted in a price hike with the lower priced variant going for ?1,06,900. With the newest announcement, the price of the base version of the MacBook has increased by ?6,000  and gone up to ?1,12,900 – putting it out of reach for many customers. The top-of-the-line variant which was until recently, priced at ?1,29,000 will now cost you ?1,39,000, at an increase of ?10,000.

With the new price hike and the fact that MacBook Air will not be around for long, all Apple computers will be priced above the one lakh rupee mark, which is a huge psychological barrier for consumers here in India.

What do you think about these latest price hikes by Apple? Does this put you off from buying the Apple MacBook in case you were planning to get one?