Dedicated app for Apple Support out on iOS App Store


As rumours surrounding the next iPhone continue to do the rounds, Apple has quietly rolled out a new Apple Support app on the iOS App Store with the hope of bringing everything support-related in one place. Currently, the app is available only in the Netherlands App Store, but is expected to roll out globally in the upcoming weeks.

The homepage of the app lists out all the existing Apple devices that you own along with their model information. The app is personalised for you, as all the Apple hardware that is registered with your Apple account is stored in it. It also has a few ‘How To’ articles featured on it, which have been especially customised to show information relevant to the products you own. Using the app, you can also chat with a customer representative, besides scheduling physical visits to Apple Stores for repairs. The app also comes with a History section where you can find all your support-related queries listed. The feature articles on the app also throw light on how to correctly use various features or services, like iCloud or iMessage, among other things.


Apple also has a Tips app that launched with iOS 8 to provide quick tutorials, but this new Apple Support app differs in that it brings everything under one roof and also looks neat and refreshing. Hopefully, this app will be available worldwide soon.

[Source: TechCrunch]