New Apple iPad with smaller bezel, larger display could be launched early next year


Apple is planning to release a new model of the iPad with a smaller bezel and a large display early next year. The source of this interesting piece of news is Japanese website Makotakara which has a history of being fairly accurate in the past when it came to predicting new Apple launches. According to the site, the new Apple iPad would have a larger 10.9-inch display – compared to the existing display that measures 9.7-inches across. However, the new model would still be smaller in size compared to the existing iPad models – thanks to its thinner bezels.

The website claims that its source of information is an “informed” supply chain source in Taiwan. Another major change with this new Apple iPad model is said to be the absence of a dedicated, physical home button. There is a chance that Apple will replace the physical home button with a virtual, on-screen button with this new iPad. If this does turn out to be true, it is possible that the iPad would be the first device from Apple to ditch the physical home button. Earlier, there were reports that the new iPhone 8 that may see officialdom in 2017 could also feature a virtual home button.

Coming back to the iPad, the new iPad might turn out to be thicker than the existing model. There is also talk of the 12.9-inch iPad Pro model too getting a design change with smaller bezels.

Anyway, as always please do take these news reports with the traditional pinch of salt because these are mere rumours at this point of time.

[Source: Makotakara Via 9To5Mac]