Exclusive: LG V5 images and video renders – a new mid-range smartphone from LG

LG V5 Leaked Images Featured

We are back again with a brand new (exclusive) leak. Yesterday, we showcased leaked renders of what we believe are the new Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017) and its higher end, more expensive sibling – the Samsung Galaxy A7 (2017). Today, we have received information about a new V-Series handset from Samsung’s arch rival from South Korea – LG Electronics. This new handset is yet to receive an official name as per @OnLeaks. However, initial indications are that the handset would be called the LG V5. Other names (some of these could be internal naming schemes) include the LG LV1 or LV5 depending the market where the handset is launched.

Before you read more, here are some of the images of this new phone.

LG V5: Images

lgv5-013 lgv5-012

Click on the thumbnails below for a zoomed in view.

Now, unlike in the case of the Samsung devices where he had some hints regarding the spec sheet and the positioning of the handsets, the LG V5 seems to have more mysterious origins. What makes it difficult for us to guesstimate the pricing, positioning and the handset is its name. The V Series is typically associated with higher end camera centric devices from LG. The LG V5 on the other hand seems to be have a much humbler pedigree. The body seems to be made of plastic – with a removable back panel. The curved back panel does add a bit of oomph to an otherwise plain jane design. A fingerprint scanner also seems to be part of the package – which would be a first on a mid-range LG.

At the front, the handset reportedly has a 5.3-inch display. Again, we are not sure about the resolution on this one.  Unlike the new Samsungs, the LG V5 seems to be happy with sticking to the old, tried and tested micro-USB port for connectivity. There is also a 3.5mm audio jack clearly visible. As for dimensions, the LG V5 is estimated to be between 7.5 to 8mm thin (the device is a bit thicker on top). Our estimates are that the handset would have the following dimensions: 148.65 x 75.30 x 7.5/8 mm (the device is a bit thicker on top).

Here is a video of the renders.

LG V5: Video

At this time, there is no indication as to when this handset would be launched – nor do we have the final name of the handset.

We leave you with a few more renders.

lgv5-011 lgv5-010 lgv5-09 lgv5-07


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