Google Play launches carrier billing for Airtel and Vodafone customers

google play

Announced in October at the Google Playtime event in India, Google has finally started rolling out carrier billing for Airtel and Vodafone customers. Google trialled the service for Idea customers back in May, and has added support for netbanking in November. Now, Airtel and Vodafone customers can avail direct carrier billing.

In addition to making payments via credit or debit cards, netbanking, and redeem codes, direct carrier billing is also now an option. Useful for those of you without credit or debit cards, Airtel and Vodafone customers can now pay for apps, games, books or other digital content on Google Play directly from prepaid or post-paid accounts.


Deployment of this service seems ongoing currently, as Google’s support page for accepted payment methods still doesn’t list Airtel or Vodafone. Mobile operator billing is live only for select users currently. Do let us know if the feature works for you in our comments section.


Source: [Android Police]