CES 2017: Ricoh R Development R kit can live-stream 360-degree video for 24 hours


Ricoh has announced a 360-degree live video streaming camera capable of delivering up to 24 hours of fully spherical 360-degree live video at CES 2017. Set to be available in spring 2017, the newly announced Ricoh R Development Kit consists of the camera, a camera stand, a downloadable software development kit along with source code and image control tools to encourage third parties to build apps for the camera.

The camera included in the Ricoh R Development Kit can live stream fully spherical 360-degree videos in 2K resolution at 30fps using an AC adapter. The video is stitched within the camera in real time to the Equirectangular Projection Format, a standard format for fully spherical images, and output via HDMI or USB. Using an AC power adapter, live streaming up to 24 hours is possible. The camera records information onto a microSD card.

Ricoh believes there is significant business potential for their new live-streaming camera, and believes the new technology could be embraced by the entertainment, gaming, education and scientific research industries.

While there are other cameras that allow for live streaming of spherical video content, none seem as compact as the Ricoh R Development Kit. Pricing information is unavailable at this time. For now, a prototype of the device is on display at CES 2017


Via: [DPReview]