New Google maps update gives you real-time commute info and more in one tap


Google has rolled out an update that gives you information about nearby food places, commute times, and traffic information in real time. With the new update, all of this information will be available by way of a new information panel at the bottom of the home screen.

Swiping up opens the window, giving you access to three tabs: places, driving, and transit. The places tab lets you know of nearby places like petrol pumps, ATMs, eateries etc. You can peek at images of the area or read a short description of the neighbourhood. The driving tab gives you access to real time commute information including traffic information and an estimated time of arrival at your destination. The transit tab gives you information of upcoming buses and trains in the area, again giving you an estimated time of arrival at your destination. Swiping down gives you information about nearby transit stations as well as real-time schedules.

Google Maps update

There isn’t any information as yet as to when the update will make its way to other platforms like iOS. As the update has only started rolling out, it is also unclear when the above mentioned features will become available to everyone.


Source: [Google Blog]