BeatsX wireless earphones to go on sale at $149 from February 10


Beats Electronics, Apple’s audio product making subsidiary, is set to release the long-delayed BeatsX wireless earphones. BeatsX will be available for purchase from Apple’s online store.

Announced first in September 2016, BeatsX is the wireless earphones that will compatible and easily pairable with the iOS products. The BeatsX come with a flex cable and the semi-necklace design to rest around your neck.

Beats engineers have used the custom W1 chip which also exists in the AirPods. The W1 chip allows pairing the BeatsX with iPhones, iPads, Apple Watch and Mac products without any hassles.

The BeatsX come with a battery that promises 8 hours run time. Apple has also added its ‘Fast Fuel’ charging which juices up the BeatsX for 2 hours with five minutes of charging. To be noted that the BeatsX uses a Lightning port for charging it.

BeatsX comes with Secure-Fit wing tips to keep them plugged comfortably in your ears while working out. Unlike AirPods, the wingtips and flex-form cable that rests at the neck keeps these earphones from dropping off and getting lost. The earbuds have magnets at the back which holds them together and prevents from falling off the shoulder or neck.

BeatsX wireless earphones will cost $149.95 and will sell at Apple’s Online Store, Apple retail stores, and other authorised resellers.

[Source: CNET]