Microsoft confirms Xbox E3 2017 date; teases Project Scorpio reveal


Microsoft has confirmed its E3 2017 briefing date. The confirmation was accompanied with a teaser for the upcoming new console codenamed Project Scorpio. While Microsoft’s Xbox E3 briefings are usually held on Mondays, the schedule has been changed to Sunday, June 11 for the 2017 version of the trade show. The venue, however, will remain unchanged, with the show being hosted at the Galen Center in Los Angeles as usual. Although Microsoft hasn’t explicitly stated that the E3 2017 briefing will be a vehicle for the unveiling of the much-awaited console, the teaser depicts the same marketing material used for the Project Scorpio announcement in E3 2016. The trade show will also be open to the common folks this year, so about 15,000 lucky members of the public might just be able to see the upcoming console in the flesh.

Microsoft has been quite tight-lipped about the exact specs and other details of Project Scorpio, apart from proclaiming that it is the most powerful console ever built. The console is touted to provide “true 4K gaming”, which is a clear slap on the face of the PS4 Pro, which doesn’t fully support 4K gaming without compromising on visual fidelity. With 8 CPU cores and 320 GB/s of memory bandwidth delivering a total of 6 teraflops of processing muscle, the Project Scorpio will be the first console to deliver unmitigated 4K gaming. While there has been absolutely no word on first party game development or any exclusives for the upcoming console, we at least know that it will be backward compatible with Xbox One games and accessories.

[Source: Gamespot]