Yes, there’s a decent alternative to


Whenever you feel the necessity to check the speed and stability of your mobile internet connection, your fingers naturally reach the Speedtest app on your Android or iOS smartphone. However, there hasn’t been many good alternatives to the app until now. Welcome Meteor, a brand new app from OpenSignal. It can not only test internet speed and reliability, but it looks great while doing so. Finally, you can now ditch the app.

Moreover, the Meteor app, which is still in beta phase, also shows you how well popular apps like YouTube, Spotify, and Netflix would run based on your internet connection speed. It also rates the experiences that you would get while using those apps on your internet connection, ranging from awesome to poor. There’s a dashboard where you can select which apps you use, so that it can show relevant results. There’s also a ‘history’ tab where you can see historical speed test data.

[Download App: Meteor | Via: Android Police]