Windows 10 Creators Update rumoured to roll out in April; Will be followed by patches to fix extant bugs


The long wait for the Windows 10 Creators Update is finally poised to end. According to The Verge’s sources, Microsoft is poised to distribute the final version of the update by the end of the month. Mind you, there has been no official word on this matter, with Microsoft remaining tight-lipped about the actual release schedule. However, the update is rumoured to be in the final stages of the development cycle. The company is internally targeting an early April launch window for compatible devices, which will be followed by a staggered rollout spread across the rest of the month.

Meanwhile, the release candidates for the update are expected to roll out for the benefit of testers as early as next week according to Windows Central. The testers will have access to the final release candidate by the end of the month, which will be followed by the public release on April 11. Interestingly, Microsoft has already promised a host of patches for the Creators Update to primarily resolve bugs and issues not addressed in the main update.