Paytm goes global, launches its mobile payment service in Canada


If launching in one foreign market is called “going global,” Paytm indeed went global today by launching its mobile payment service in Canada. Why Paytm chose Canada as its next business destination is beyond us, but consumers in the country can now pay for their cable, electricity, Internet, mobile bills, property taxes, and even water bills using Paytm’s app. We’re not sure of the app currently allows funds transfer from one person to another. The company’s Android and iOS apps are available for download through App Store and Google Play Store, respectively.

The homegrown digital payments company said that it started as a two-man team in Canada, and now the company has a team of 55 members, including software developers as well as data and machine learning engineers. Harinder Thakkar will lead Paytm’s team in Canada. Screenshots of the company’s Android app states that payments in India are done with 2-3 hours. The app will also remind users to pay their bills 10 days before the due date. John Tory, Toronto’s mayor, was present during Paytm’s Canada launch.

[Source: Paytm | Via: FoneArena]