Sony patented a technology that lets one phone wirelessly charge the other


If breaking away from wires for transferring data, audio, and video via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wasn’t enough, Sony has found a way to transfer power from one phone to the other. The Japanese electronics brand has filed a new patent last week that lets you wirelessly transfer power from one phone to another. Before you get too excited, you have to understand that patents take months or even years to make it to real world devices.

Sony’s new patent, which is based on research by James Richard Milne, True Xiong, and Charles McCoy, seems more focussed on the methodologies of finding, selecting, and managing hotspots that can wirelessly share power with other devices present in the range. The patent mentions the use of NFC to wireless transfer power, but we assume that there would be a lot of power loss. Moreover, since NFC requires you to tap two devices to transfer information, a similar method would be required for transferring power.

Sony Wireless Power Transfer Charging Patent

Even though this patent points towards a completely wireless (read beautiful) future, no one knows how far that future is. Smartphones such as the Galaxy S7 and the LG G6 (the US version) feature wireless charging technologies such as Qi and PMA, but they are just ‘wireless’, not ‘contactless’. However, Apple has filed a patent for wirelessly charging iPhones using their Mac all-in-one PCs. We’ll have to wait and see how fast these patents are used in real-life products.

[Source: US Patent & Trademark Office | Via: Gizmodo]