Apple doubles the storage capacity on the iPhone SE and the iPad Mini 4 without increasing the price


Apple had dropped the price of the iPhone SE and introduced a 32GB variant of the iPhone 6 in India last week. Today, it introduced Produce (RED) variants of the Apple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, but it was not the only product announcement from the US-based consumer electronics giant today. The company has also announced that it has doubled the storage on the iPhone SE and the iPad Mini 4.

The Apple iPhone SE and the iPad Mini 4 are now available in 32GB and 128GB storage variants. The lowest storage capacity of the iPhone SE is now 32GB, which is fairly usable in our opinion. Basically, the company has killed the 16GB variant of the iPhone in the US. However, the company is still selling the 16GB iPhone SE in India, and people are foolishly buying the 16GB variants, thanks to Apple’s brand reception.

The good thing about Apple’s move is that the prices of the iPhone SE and the iPad Mini 4 haven’t changed. The 32GB variant of the iPhone SE costs $399 (₹26,230) in the US, while the 128GB variant costs $499 (₹32,804), and it will be available starting March 24. The company has done away with 32GB and 64GB models of the iPad Mini, and is now selling just the 128GB variant, which costs ₹34,900 for the Wi-Fi only variant and ₹45,900 for the added LTE connectivity in India.

The new 128GB storage variant of the Apple iPad Mini 4 is available at the same price as that of the older 32GB storage variant. Good on Apple for not increasing the prices of the new storage variants of the iPhone SE and the iPad Mini 4, especially after the price hikes of the iPhone 6 in India a few months ago.

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