Google’s new update will upload photos even on a spotty internet connection


Anybody who uses Google Photos to back-up their photos from their smartphones will agree that there can be a bit of an annoyance when you are trying to upload high resolution photos and your internet connection decides to be spotty. To combat that, Google has rolled out a new update that will backup photos from your device to Google Photos even on low internet connectivity. The update is being rolled out to Android and iOS.

How this works is fairly simple: Your photos will back up in a “lightweight preview quality” that can be easily uploaded on 2G connections. Do note that Google maintains that by doing so the quality will not be compromised upon, meaning that your photos will still look great on a smartphone. Then, when the smartphone detects a stable Wi-Fi connection, it will automatically begin to replace all the lightweight photos with high quality ones.

Extending this a bit further, you will also be able to share pictures on low network connectivity, as Google will send low-quality images first so that the recipient can view them immediately. These will later be replaced with high resolution ones once the device detects better connectivity.

Google Photos also create animations, movies, collages and albums so that you don’t have to go through the trouble of sifting through your huge collection of photos again. Google Photos also makes movies by selecting the best moments from your albums and putting them together with transitions and music.