OnePlus’s new Dash Charge teasers could be an April Fools’ joke


Update: Turns out, the OnePlus’ Dash Charge teasers indeed were connected to a gag. Check out the Dash Charge Energy Drink. 

OnePlus has changed the game with the Dash Charge feature in the OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T. The official OnePlus Twitter account has been sharing teasers related to Dash Charge. Posts hinting something about the future of Dash Charge are put up.

Many believe that a big Dash Charge announcement is on the anvil. We would like to point you at the calendar and state that it’s April 1 tomorrow. So expect the new mysterious announcement to be an April Fools’ joke. However, I would like to be proven wrong by OnePlus.

Last year, OnePlus decided to go crazy by making everything of Sandstone finish. Here’s a video of the same.

The Dash Charge uses a thicker cable along with an adapter and can charge a phone up to 60 percent in a matter of 30 minutes. Most importantly, the phone doesn’t heat up that much since the power management and heat dissipation shifts to the Dash Charge Adapter.

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Unless OnePlus is planning to introduce a Dash Charge supporting Power Bank or something similar, don’t hold your breath for any new announcements.