Bixby AI assistant unofficially running on Samsung smartphones with Android Nougat


Machine learning and AI are the new must-haves in the current breed of tech toys. Microsoft has Cortana and Apple has Siri, whereas Google’s going strong with the Google Assistant, which it opened up to non-Pixel Android smartphones during MWC 2017. Samsung answer is the Bixby AI assistant, which has been restricted to its flagship Galaxy S8 and S8+ smartphones. However, those who plan to hold on to older Samsung smartphones have some hope courtesy of an XDA Developer Forums user takerhbk. The ingenious forum user managed to get Bixby working on a Galaxy S7 smartphone.

Needless to say, a host of other Samsung smartphone users also managed to replicate the process and get Bixby running on their non-Galaxy S8 devices. Interestingly, Bixby isn’t partial to the Galaxy S8 smartphones. In fact, any Samsung device running Android Nougat is expected to run the Bixby AI assistant, albeit unofficially. To figure out how this process works, follow this link to the XDA Developer Forums post detailing the process. Just make sure you follow the instructions meticulously and be cognisant of the risks involved.

[Source: Android Authority]