Sony India bundles Horizon Zero Dawn with the PS4 Slim for Rs 27,990


It’s been some time since Sony India brought the PS4 Slim to India, along with the PS VR and PS4 Pro, even as Microsoft drags its feet and plans to get the Xbox One S to India sometime this month. However, Sony has gone ahead and launched the first AAA videogame bundle for the die-shrunk PS4 Slim variant. The Horizon Zero Dawn bundle includes the PS4 Slim console and the AAA game for the modest price of Rs 29,990, which is a terrific deal because the well-received game itself retails for a handsome Rs 3,999.

What’s more the bundle also includes a three-month membership for the PS Plus service, which grants access to multiple games each month in addition to the ability to play online multiplayer games. The bundle is being sold at Sony Centres, the brick-and-mortar videogame store Games The Shop, and Amazon India at the moment.

In case you are on the fence, the game has received favourable reviews and happens to be a rather successful jab at open-world games for Guerilla Games. Often described as Far Cry with robot dinosaurs, the game is considered a must-have for the PS4, so the bundle makes a lot of sense for those who are in the market for the updated console. You might have to hurry because the number of units available happen to be limited, according to a report by Gadgets360.

[Source: Gadgets360]