Sony Xperia XZs vs Sony Xperia XZ vs Sony Xperia Z5


Sony has launched the flagship Xperia XZs for Rs.49,990 in India. The newly announced Xperia XZs packs in some solid features, most notably its camera. While pixel count has decreased from 23-megapixels to 19-megapixels when compared to its predecessor, the Xperia XZ, the XZs has larger 1.22μm pixels. Its 960fps slow motion mode at 720p, arguably the most talked about feature on the phone, shows promise. In fact, it might well be what makes this device one of interest to content creators and casual video shooters alike.

We thought it a good idea to compare specifications with other premium Sony Xperia handsets, both with its predecessor, and the older Xperia Z5. Take a look at how the new Xperia XZs stacks up against them.

Sony Xperia XZs specs compared

Internally, all three devices are quite similar to each other. The Xperia XZs benefits from the 1GB increase in RAM, and has an improved primary camera when compared to the Xperia XZ. When compared to the older Xperia Z5, the new Xperia XZs has a better processor, and camera. A lot of the hardware specs like display size, resolution, and battery capacity continue to remain the same. The older Xperia Z5 isn’t USB Type-C compatible. The Xperia XZs’ most major improvement has got to be its 19-megapixel Motion Eye camera with its memory stacked sensor that allows you to record up slow motion video at 960fps in HD quality.