Samsung’s new 2017 line-up of MU series of 4K HDR capable TVs hit retail outlets

Samsung MU Series TV

Samsung’s new 2017 range of MU series of TVs have now hit retail outlets in the USA. The USP of the MU series is that all the TVs under that marque are Ultra HD 4K capable. The 2017 series also incorporates HDR capability as a standard, with additional features added as the models get more expensive. The 2017 MU series consists four product ranges that include MU 6 at the bottom end of the spectrum and MU 9 at the top end. As you go up the hierarchy, the price goes up along with the inclusion of features such as smart remote control and image-processing gimmicks such as HDR Extreme, 4K Color Drive Extreme, Triple Black Extreme, among others.

The MU 6 series starts the range from $549 and has TVs ranging from 40-inches to 75-inches in screen size. The feature list, however, is the most basic at this range, with HDR and 4K being standard, while also incorporating a smart remote control and smart TV features. The MU 7 series ranges from 40-inches to 65-inches and comes with 4K Color Drive Pro as an addition. The MU 8 range goes from 49-inches to 82-inches and also includes 4K HDR Extreme, 4K Color Drive Extreme, Triple Black, and MR240. The top-of-the-line MU 9 series starts at a massive $1999 and goes from 55-inches to 75-inches. It also includes all the above features and adds Triple Black Extreme and an anti-glare layer as well. The range, however, isn’t available in India yet.

[Source: Slashgear]

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