YouTube to stop allowing channels to serve ads before hitting 10000 lifetime views


YouTube announced yesterday via a blog post that the company will no longer be serving ads on YouTube Partner Program videos until the channel reaches 10k lifetime views. The YouTube Partner Program, which began in 2007, lets content creators monetise their content by placing ads, among other means, to earn revenue from their videos.

The company has said that instances of abuse, where original content was being re-uploaded by others trying to earn revenue from it, were on the rise. The new threshold, YouTube says, will give the company enough information to determine the validity of a channel, and also allow allow them to ensure if a channel has been following the company’s advertisement policies and community guidelines.

YouTube has also said that a review process will be added for new creators applying to the YouTube Partner Program in a few weeks. Channels will only be brought on board into the YouTube Partner Program after review, after which content may be monetised by serving ads.

While the revenue earned by channels with under 10000 views up until Thursday won’t be affected, going forward, the 10000 lifetime-view threshold is quite likely to affect smaller content creators with niche audiences and hold them back from making money on their content.

[Source: YouTube]