Google Duo now supports voice calling globally


Just last month, Google rolled out a new feature on its Google Duo app in Brazil. The feature allowed users to make voice calls in addition to the video calls that the app allowed. Now, this feature has been rolled out globally. This was announced by Duo’s principal engineer, Justin Uberti who posted the following through his Twitter handle:

To switch on voice calling from video calling, you only have to switch on the toggle at the top of the app. This feature will allow users to save on their data and battery which would drain otherwise when making a video call. 

Google Duo has primarily been a video calling app, but these boundaries have been fading of late what with several other apps such as Skype and Hangouts offering both features simultaneously. But Google Duo has been Google’s answer to FaceTime, with a notable difference being that Google Duo runs on both Android as well as iOS devices unlike FaceTime and that it is a standalone app and not built into the phone. However, it will be interesting to see what other features the company will integrate into the app so as to make it stand apart from the crowd of voice-calling apps.