Paytm Mall to allow local shopkeepers to sell online products using QR codes


Paytm has introduced a new feature, partnering with their offline merchant network, that will allow consumers to visit neighbourhood stores and place online orders by scanning the QR code using their Paytm or Paytm Mall app. Samsung partnered with Paytm recently to sell the Galaxy J3 Pro exclusively at the Paytm Mall.

The company has said that thousands of Paytm Partner stores can now start selling Samsung smartphones without any hassles of inventory or logistics, and consumers can visit these neighbourhood stores, scan the QR code using their Paytm or Paytm Mall app and order products online. In addition to not having to invest in inventory or logistics, Paytm Partner stores can also promise customers same-day deliveries, and they can sell a variety of products in their stores. Paytm says this will also enable partners to sell a variety of products in their stores, i.e. an apparel store can now sell electronics or groceries and vice-versa.

Paytm: Scan QR codes at offline stores to place order

In addition to cash on delivery, Paytm has said that you can pay online using your Paytm Wallet, Debit/Credit Card, or Netbanking, after scanning the QR Code of the product at the Paytm Partner store and placing the order online at the Paytm Mall.

Shopkeepers hosting QR Codes in their shop would earn a percentage margin on each purchase made by a customer after scanning the QR code. The margin on each purchase will vary between 3-20% depending upon the product sold.

In the blog post, Paytm said, “ Our goal is to enable customers transact online and offline easily. We feel this assisted commerce model will transform regular businesses. Imagine, an apparel salesman will now be able to sell electronics or groceries, and vice versa. The possibilities are endless.”

[Source: Paytm]