Google is testing new UI changes to its Android powered YouTube app


Google is testing new changes to its Android powered YouTube app. Having made changes in testing twice already, this is the third UI change that the company is currently testing on the app. All the changes will be added via a server-side update that will be pushed by YouTube for the Android app subsequently.

As per the new UI change, the picture-in-picture option is now replaced by a floating bar at the bottom which comes with an option to play or pause. Users can also now close the app without having to swipe it away. There is also another features that shows snapshots of the video that you’re watching when you click on a specific time in the seek bar. Then, there is also a new bottom navigation layout at the bottom which has links to Home, Trending, Subscriptions and Library. The button for uploading videos has now been shifted to the left of the search bar. The upper row of the search bar now shows the text ‘YouTube’ permanently, instead of showing which section the user is currently exploring on the app. 

These changes are a lot like what you find on iOS. Regardless of that, the features on the app are definitely welcome.