LG wants to partner with Indian telecom companies for IoT-based smart appliances


Every known electronic home appliances brand has already showcased Internet-connected, IoT-enabled products, ranging from refrigerators to washing machines. Samsung has already launched a range of Tizen-powered home appliances such as TVs, large display toting refrigerators, washing machines, and SmartThings products. Now, Samsung’s Korean competitor LG is looking to launch IoT-based smart home appliances in India.

According to a new report by PTI, LG is looking to partner with Indian telecom products to launch IoT (Internet of Things) smart home appliances in India. It is the first small step that LG is taking to launch IoT appliances in India since Internet connectivity is the most important feature in such products. By partnering with a cellular Internet provider, LG will fulfil the need of IoT products of being connected to the Internet.

Ki Wan Kim, the managing director of LG Electronics India said, “Already we are prepared for smart home, IoT related products but this is not just a standalone device. Device is easy, it only needs protocol interface. That is why, I will be meeting the head of a telecom service provider tomorrow to discuss this.” However, he did not disclose the name of the Indian telecom firm that LG would partner with.

LG developed features like HomeChat and SmartThinQ for its IoT-based smart home appliances. The HomeChat feature allows users to receive notifications and reminders from smart home appliances such as washing machines and cookers so that users can view progress of a task and then control the task. Likewise, SmartThinQ allows users to remotely control smart home appliances like washing machines and refrigerators to control various aspects and to resolve problems.

[Source: BGR India]