Apple makes GarageBand, iMovie, Pages and other iWork and iLife apps free for everyone


Say what you may about Apple products and users, but the company still has one of the best app ecosystems in business. As expected, there’s a price to pay for the quality experience but, as of 2013, Apple had been pre-loading apps from its creativity and productivity suites for absolutely free on Macs and iDevices alike. However, those stuck with older pre-2013 Macbooks, iMacs, iPhones, and iPads were deprived of the free app suites and still had to pay for popular apps within the iWork (productivity suite) and iLife (creativity suite) suites.

That is about to change starting today, because Apple has been generous enough to make the productivity and creativity suites free for all users irrespective of the Apple device they own. You heard it right; all the apps within the iWork productivity and iLife creativity suites will now be free for all Apple users. These suites contain popular apps such as Pages, Numbers, Keynote, GarageBand, and iMovie. This applies even for those owning pre-2013 devices. On a related note, Apple had also made the recently acquired iOS automation and productivity app WorkFlow free on the App Store. Interestingly, even consumers who had purchased the app in the weeks leading up to the acquisition are being refunded the cost of the app.

[Source: Phone Arena]