Logitech launches G413 gaming keyboard; Equipped with Romer-G mechanical keys

Logitech G413

Logitech has launched a new gaming keyboard. The G413 is the mid-range gaming keyboard from the input peripheral specialist. Surprisingly, it doesn’t quite look like a gaming keyboard, with a rather conspicuous lack of aggressive angles, sharp edges, RGB, lighting, and other over-the-top gimmicks associated with gaming peripherals. The Logitech G413, instead goes for a more understated design that incorporates high quality components.

The Logitech G413 features a sturdy aluminium chassis to prevent trampolining and ensure excellent build quality. Everything from the font to the key shape and configuration won’t be commonplace on a regular keyboard, but what’s different here is that the G413 employs high quality mechanical keys under the hood. Like its uber expensive elder brother, the G810, the G413 also features the bespoke Romer-G mechanical switches, which have the actuation force somewhere similar to the Cherry MX Brown switches, while also having the tactile feedback of membrane keyboards.

Logitech G413

However, the Logitech G413 does have some essential gaming features. For starters it has red backlighting for those late night gaming sessions in darkened room. The function keys too can be mapped to programmable macros. The Logitech G413 will retail for $89.99 in the US.

[Source: The Verge]

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