Bixby Voice enabling OTA update rolling out for the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus in Korea


Samsung is rolling out the Bixby Voice support starting from its hometurf – Korea. In a way, Samsung has kept its promise to introduce a capable digital assistant – Bixby. The Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ users in Korea are getting an OTA that enables the Voice features of Bixby.

Last month, Samsung stated that the Voice support for Bixby will not be enabled from day one. A separate OTA was planned to arrive later in Spring this year.

Samsung Galaxy S8 - Bixby Voice

Samsung is now rolling out an OTA update that enables Bixby Voice for the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ devices in Korea. The Bixby Voice supports Gallery, Calculator, Weather, Reminder, Bix Vision, Message, Settings, Clock, Contact, Phone, Camera etc. apps right now. Samsung has over 20 different apps in its “Labs” being tested to be compatible with Bixby Voice.

Theoretically, the Voice component of Bixby allows the users to control and navigate through the compatible apps without touching the phone. Just like Apple has “Hey Siri” and Google has “Ok Google” phrases, Samsung has used just “Bixby” to summon it.

There’s no fix date on when a similar OTA update enabling Bixby Voice will roll out to other markets. However, Samsung did mention at the Bixby’s launch that its Voice component will support only Korean and English languages initially. So it is safe to expect the update to arrive sometime later this month.

[Source: Samsung Newsroom (in Korean)]