Microsoft files patent for a stylus-based authentication technology


Microsoft is said to have filed a patent for the use of a stylus-based authentication system, which can be seen as a newer upgrade to its Windows Hello security authentication system. Up until now, the Windows 10 Hello was a great means of secure login through facial recognition, iris and a fingerprint sensor.

The newly filed patent carries the number 2010/0155153, and apart from security authentication, also includes the use of a digital pen or stylus as a means to authenticate applications and payments. The marker in a pen or stylus will provide the two-factor authentication when it touches the screen. The technology will also include pen proximity, gestures, touch input alongside the hardware and software for security authentication. With these added technologies, the company claims that the stylus will be able to easily differentiate an app for input from security authentication.

The stylus will also come with Microsoft’s N-Trig technology, which is also found on the Surface Pen. So, you could say that this new stylus pen is a sort of an upgrade to the Surface Pen incorporating Hello’s secure login mechanism.

However, do note that since this is only a technology patent, there is no sure way to tell if the company will indeed use this feature and incorporate it into a product. However, if it does, it’d be interesting to see such a stylus in the market soon.