YouTube is getting a material design facelift for web and mobile apps


YouTube is giving a Material Design based facelift its web and mobile interface starting today. Starting today, a small number of users will be getting the new YouTube design and Google will be collecting the feedback from them. YouTube wants its new design to be simple, consistent, and beautiful.

A select lucky users across the world will be able to enjoy YouTube’s new Material Design based user interface on the web as well as on mobiles. YouTube claims that its new Material Design UI presents content in a more cleaner and fresher manner. The additional visual distractions have been removed.

The new design and its elements will be consistent across web and mobile platforms. So that you can enjoy the familiarity irrespective of the screen size.

The YouTube’s design is built on the new Polymer framework that Google claims of letting it add new features quickly. In order to get users feel more comfortable viewing, the new Dark Theme will be added to get them more addicited to watching videos.

The YouTube’s new design is still a work-in-progress and the company hasn’t set a date when it will be made available to all users across the world. Till then, if you wish to take a glimpse of the new YouTube UI, head over to and participate in the testing. You can always go back to the original one by selecting “Restore classic YouTube” from the Account Menu.

The YouTube’s beta app testers on Android are already getting the new user interface.

[Source: YouTube Blog, Sebastian Lundgren]