Exclusive: Here’s our closest look at the Apple iPhone 8 yet

iPhone 8 leaked images

We have access to exclusive renders of the Apple’s next generation iPhone – the iPhone 8. (Or will it be called the iPhone 7S and the iPhone 7S Plus?). The images are thanks to our collaboration with @OnLeaks who has in the past too posted accurate renders of ‘soon to be launched’ devices.

Without further delay, here are the renders of the new, upcoming iPhone 8.

ip8-011 ip8-010 ip8-012 ip8-013

We have some more images in the Gallery below.

If you are not really convinced by these images, here is a video showing the same renders.

These are by far, the most legible renders of the iPhone 8 in public domain – and if you look closely also matches other renders of the device that was leaked just a week or so ago.

Now that you have seen the renders, let us talk specifics.

Initial impressions are that the iPhone 8 would feature an AMOLED display and really thin bezels. It is also plausible that the fingerprint scanner on the iPhone 8 could either be incorporated within the display or inside the Apple logo.

All said, we would also like to inform that @OnLeaks is still not 100% convinced that this is indeed the next generation iPhone model. This is because Apple has been testing out several prototype designs for the iPhone 8. For the same reason, at this time, we are not in a position to confirm if the renders showcased above indeed belong to the final design that was selected by Apple. That said, there are chances that the final design of the iPhone 8 will closely match the renders shown above with minor differences. The model you see in the renders measure roughly 143.5 x 70.9 x 7.7mm (8.9mm with back camera bump). There is also some confusion at this point regarding the positioning of the sensors and the camera lenses on the front fascia.

Do you think this one is really the iPhone 8? And will this design match up to the design masterpieces that are the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the S8 Plus?

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  2. Since I bought my iPhone 6 Plus there has been absolutely no noticeable to tell the difference between the 6, 6S and 7 models at first sight. For a company that once excelled innovative design I find that rather disappointing. Since jailbreak tweaks also made almost all differences like 3DTouch, which can be easily recreated with a couple of tweaks and the difference in quality of for example the camera of the 6 Plus and the camera of a normal 6S aren’t noticeable because they are both excellent, and the only appealing difference in the 7 is the so called “waterproof” which it really isn’t: only real waterproof phones are made by Samsung ( which I’ll never buy), I foresee knowing the new iPhone 8 will be extremely expensive after six different iPhones I will keep my 6 Plus and SE and stop buying iPhones. For as long as my current phones can keep up with the newest jailbreakable firmware I don’t feel the need to spend a heap of cash so large you can buy a safe second hand car for that money, to buy just another idiotically overpriced gadget, while my two will most likely work flawlessly for many years to come.

  3. This looks a lot like the HTC U series. So therefore it’s pretty, but not original. Also this design looks really thick and I question the handfeel.
    Can Apple stop taking its looks from HTC? It’s been since the iPhone 6 that we haven’t seen anything novel by the fruit company. They even went so far add to poach engineers from HTC to develop the same antenna band tech on the back and sides of their phones.
    All these billions of dollars and large scale and Apple is still a copycat.

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