Apple might face iPhone 8 shortage, according to analyst


There seem to be numerous roadblocks in Apple’s path as it prepares to launch its upcoming device, the iPhone 8. According to the most recent report, Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo has expressed doubt over the production and shipments of the iPhone 8.

In a note released to 9to5Mac, Kuo explained that the company might face production difficulties due to “major hardware upgrades,’ before adding that there is a “rising probability of worst-case scenario for iPhone shipments”. According to Kuo, the numbers for the iPhone 8 shipments have also been dropped to 80-90 million units from 100-110 million units as predicted earlier. He said,

We are seeing more evidence that the worst-case scenario forecasted in our April 19 report could materialize, where new iPhone shipments in 2H17F are revised down to 80- 90mn units from 100-110mn units (vs. consensus of 100-120mn units).

He also added that the production ramp of Apple’s OLED iPhone might be postponed to October-November rather than August-September. Therefore, because of this, he warns, that there could also be “severe supply shortages for a while after the new models are launched.” 

Kuo has been vocal about the issues in production of the iPhone 8 for a while now. In April this year, Kuo announced that due to major component upgrades on the iPhone 8, there would be several issues in terms of supply-demand. Apple’s upcoming handset is said to feature a curved display, wireless charging among other hardware changes.

Apple hasn’t made any announcement regarding its upcoming device, the iPhone 8, as yet. The iPhone 8 is expected to be launched in September this year.