WhatsApp video calling is highest in India with over 50 million calling minutes per day


The fact that WhatsApp is a hugely popular app in India doesn’t really come as a surprise, but that it has surpassed all other countries in the world to have the highest video calling does sound like an impressive feat. The numbers are even more mind-boggling – WhatsApp has revealed that India has over 50 million calling minutes per day. Globally, the app is said to have over 340 million video calling minutes per day with a total number of 55 million video calls per day.

For India, which is said to have over 200 million WhatsApp users, such a huge number could be attributed to the fact that there has been an increasing number of smartphone users and the availability of strong 4G networks.

On its part too, WhatsApp has been bringing in new features to ensure its sustainability. It recently introduced a new Status features that allowed users to share photos and videos for a duration of 24 hours, which was also said to be immensely popular with almost 175 million users on a daily basis, surpassing that of Snapchat. On the iOS app, WhatsApp introduced a feature in which Siri reads out WhatsApp messages.

The company is also said to be working a on a feature that recalls sent messages and which allows users to share live location. These are said to be in the beta versions currently. In the coming months, there are also rumours that WhatsApp will bring a payments solution integrated in the app.