Computex 2017: Corsair K68 Mechanical Keyboard with dust and spill resistance unveils at Rs 12,599


Accidental liquid spill and dust are one of the pain points of owning a mechanical keyboard. Corsair is attempting to make it a tad easy. At the on-going Computex 2017, Corsair is introducing a new mechanical keyboard — Corsair K68 — with an IP32 rating to make it dust and spill resistant. Retaining the touch and feel of the Cherry MX switches, this mechanical keyboard offers dynamic lighting per-key, dedicated media buttons, on-the-fly adjustments, and more.

The Corsair K68 mechanical keyboard has a rugged designed primarily for the gamers averse of the dust and accidental spills. The IP32 rating only covers spills and dust as each key has a silicon dome for protection on this keyboard.

Corsair K68

The international version of the Corsair K68 comes in Cherry MX Blue and Cherry MX Red switch options. However, Corsair will only sell the keyboard with Cherry MX Red switches.

The Corsair Utility Engine software will let you configure the LED-backlight colour for each key or add lighting effects. The Spacebar key and the media control keys carry a textured pattern patches on the top.

Corsair K68

Corsair promises 100 percent anti-ghosting with full key rollover to let the key presses register accurately and consistently. The keyboard also offers Windows Lock mode.

Corsair K68

In short, you don’t have to worry much about spilling your drinks or snacks on the keyboard. Of course, you have to clean it up later though. The Corsair K68 will sell for Rs 12,599 with Cherry MX Red keys options starting mid-June.

[Source: Corsair]