‘Files’ App for iOS 11 leaks before WWDC 2017

As Apple readies itself for its biggest event of 2017 (save the iPhone 8 launch later this year), we already have some indications as to what to expect from WWDC 2017. In fact, we already have an article that covers what Apple might showcase at this year’s WWDC. You can read it here. The highlight of this year’s WWDC would indeed be the new version of Apple’s mobile operating system – iOS 11. The updated OS is likely to endow existing and new iPhone models with a bunch of new features. There are also indications that iOS 11 would end support for all 32-bit iOS apps and that all new apps will need to be coded in 64-bit.

In a recent development, just hours before WWDC 2017 kicks off, iOS developer Steve Troughton-Smith spotted an interesting addition to the iOS app store. The app store now had a placeholder listing for a brand new App from Apple called ‘Files’.


In case you happen to be a longtime user of iOS, you’d know for sure that iOS was not known for its file management friendliness and that there was no “Files” apps on the platform earlier. The fact that it is an official app from Apple was confirmed since the developer is Apple themselves. While the listing for the app does not have any details, what we do know is that it is compatible with iOS 11 and above. Interestingly, the icon for this “Files” app is similar to the icon for the MacOS folder.

We will need to wait for the event to start and Apple to reveal more details about this new “Files’ app.  That said, if we are to go by Apple’s previous record on file management systems, it is unlikely that we would see a significant deviation from its path. However, this is mere speculation at this point. Let us see what happens at WWDC 2017 which starts a few moments from now.

[Via The Verge]

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