WWDC 2017: Apple announces updated iMac models with new processors, brighter display


Apart from updating it notebook lineup, Apple earlier today at WWDC 2017 also announced a plethora of updates to its iMac lineup. The new iMac models from Apple will come with newer faster processors, support for Thunderbolt 3, faster storage options, discrete graphics,  and brighter displays.

The new iMacs feature Intel’s newest Kaby Lake processors along with an upgraded display that Apple claims to be the “best Mac display ever”. This display now offers 500 nits of brightness – which according to the company is 43 percent brighter than the outgoing model. The base 21-inch model can now support upto 32GB of RAM while the larger 27-inch model can potentially support up to 64GB of RAM. Apart from two thunderbolt ports, the new iMacs also get twin USB-C ports.


The new updated iMac will feature the new Kaby Lake processors with clock speeds ranging from 4.2 GHz to 4.5 GHz with turbo Boost. All the 27-inch variants will get fusion drives as standard. The top end 21.5 inch version also gets the same option. All the new iMacs will get faster SSDs that are claimed to be up to 50 percent faster than older models. For graphics, the most of the new iMac models come with AMD’s Radeon Pro 500-series graphics (except for the entry level 21.5 inch models that get Intel Iris graphics) with support for up to 8GB of vRAM. Depending on the model you buy, the graphics card could range from Intel Iris Plus 640 (on the entry-level 21.5 inch versions) to either the Radeon Oro 555 and 560 graphics cards on the 21.5-inch iMacs to either the Radeon Pro 570, 575, and 580 cards on the larger 27-inch mmodel.

As for prices, while the entry level, relatively more affordable 21.5-inch iMac will set you back by $1,299, you will need to pay $200 more for the 4K version of the model in the same screen size.