ACT Fibernet raises FUP limits across all its plans in Andhra Pradesh


ACT Fibernet, India’s third largest ISP today announced that it has increased data limits for all broadband plans in key cities across Andhra Pradesh. Customers in Vizag, Vijayawada, Nellore, Tirupati, Eluru, and Guntur will now be able to enjoy higher FUP limits. ACT Fibernet has combined the upload FUP and download FUP limits into one, giving customers the flexibility to consume data on uploads or downloads depending on their needs.

The ACT Silver plan in Vizag now offers a 140 GB FUP instead of 70 GB earlier. Similarly, the ACT Gold plan now comes with a 200 GB FUP limit instead of 100 GB. The ACT Platinum plan has been upgraded from 175GB FUP to 350GB FUP.

Plan Price Speed Old FUP limit (GB) Upload & Download Revised FUP limit (GB) Upload + Download Post FUP Speed
Vizag ACT Silver 549 10 Mbps 70 140 512 Kbps
ACT Gold 799 25 Mbps 100 200 512 Kbps
ACT Diamond 999 50 Mbps 125 250 512 Kbps
ACT Platinum 1499 75 Mbps 175 350 512 Kbps
Vijayawada/ Guntur/ Eluru ACT Silver 549 20 Mbps 75 150 512 Kbps
ACT Gold 999 50 Mbps 125 250 512 Kbps
ACT Diamond 1449 75 Mbps 150 300 512 Kbps
Nellore ACT Silver 499 10 Mbps 40 80 512 Kbps
ACT Gold 549 20 Mbps 50 100 512 Kbps
ACT Diamond 649 30 Mbps 75 150 512 Kbps
ACT Platinum 999 50 Mbps 125 250 512 Kbps
ACT Titanium 1449 50 Mbps 175 350 512 Kbps
Tirupati ACT Silver 549 20 Mbps 50 100 512 Kbps
ACT Gold 699 30 Mbps 90 180 512 Kbps
ACT Diamond 999 50 Mbps 125 250 512 Kbps


Here’s what Mr. Bala Malladi, CEO, Atria Convergence Technologies Pvt Ltd had to say regarding the new plans introduced by Fibernet:

It is our constant endeavour to provide the best internet experience to our customers through super-fast speed and enhanced data limits. We are combining our download and upload FUP into total data transfer FUP. This will liberate our customers and provide them significantly enhanced FUP, allowing them the freedom to use their internet based on their needs and purpose.”

Apart from cities in Andhra Pradesh, ACT Fibernet also provides broadband services in Bengaluru, Delhi, Chennai, and Coimbatore. For now, however, the company hasn’t announced any similar FUP hikes for cities outside Andhra Pradesh.

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