Honor 8 Pro Design: Beauty Meets Functionality


The Honor 8 Pro is the new flagship Android smartphone from Honor. A successor to the capable Honor 8 from 2016, the Honor 8 Pro also ranks as being one of the most talked-about smartphones of 2017. Apart from faring brilliantly in reviews, the Honor 8 pro is also the proud recipient the EISA (European Imaging and Sound Association) best consumer smartphone award for 2017-2018. One of the reasons for the Honor 8 Pro’s popularity is the fact that it offers a plethora of flagship-class features to the consumer while also remaining incredibly affordable. There is also a consensus that it is one of the best-looking handsets of 2017.

In the next few lines, let us take a quick glance at some of the finer design aspects of the Honor 8 Pro.

To start things off, you have the option to buy the Honor 8 Pro in two colour options – Navy Blue and Midnight Black. Both colour versions look great in the flesh. The handset, especially in its black avatar, looks like it has been chiseled out of a single block of metal. This feeling is more pronounced when you look at the handset from an angle. The Honor 8 also feels quite sturdy thanks to the metal body.

At the front of the Honor 8 Pro is the massive 5.7-inch 2K (2560 x 1440 pixels) display that gives the phone a pixel density of 515 PPI. The display is of the LTPS type (Low-Temperature PolySilicon LCD) and displays 16 million colours. While this is a phablet sized display, the Honor 8 Pro only feels slightly larger than most handsets that use a 5-inch display – thanks to its slim bezels. In case you wish to go into specifics, the Honor 8 Pro gets an incredible screen-to-body ratio score of 79%.

Above the large display is the front 8-megapixel camera, an LED light for notification alerts, and not to mention, the earpiece. The Honor logo sits just beneath the screen. At the bottom, the Honor 8 Pro gets a bottom firing speaker, the primary microphone, the good ol’ 3.5 mm audio jack, and the now ubiquitous USB Type-C port. On the left side, the phone gets a hybrid SIM tray that accepts two nano SIM cards or a one nano SIM + one micro SD card combination. On the right side, the phone gets the volume rocker keys and the power button. All the physical buttons on the Honor 8 Pro have great tactile feedback. At the top, the phone gets an IR blaster and the secondary noise cancellation microphone.

Unlike its older sibling – the Honor 8 – that came with a glossy glass back panel, the Honor 8 Pro gets an all-metal matte finish at the rear. While there are several takers for glossy back panels, there exists a considerable number of folks who prefer the understated, classy look that the matte black finish imparts to the Honor 8 Pro. The back panel is also where the all-important dual camera setup can be seen. The rear camera setup consists of separate 12MP +12MP camera units – of which one lens is dedicated for monochrome imaging. The camera also boasts of a wide aperture mode that allows users to capture professional-looking shots using the Honor 8 Pro.

You will also love the way the dual camera setup has been integrated into the slim body of the phone. There is no protrusion or a pronounced camera bump on the rear panel of the Honor 8 Pro. The dual colour temperature LED Flash is located right next to the camera module. The Honor 8 Pro also gets a fingerprint scanner that sits a few inches below the camera module. Thanks to the relatively compact dimensions of the phone, most people will not face an issue trying to reach the fingerprint scanner on the back panel.

At just 6.97 mm, the Honor 8 Pro is one of the slimmest flagship class devices out there. For a phone its size, the Honor 8 Pro is also quite light. In fact, we are still perplexed as to how Honor managed to cram a humongous 4,000 mAh battery inside the Honor 8 Pro’s innards. At 184 grams, the phone should technically feel heavy in your hand. However, when you hold the phone in your palms, it does not feel that heavy. Intelligent weight distribution is perhaps the reason for this.

The Honor 8 Pro is one of the most value for money smartphones that money can buy today. At nearly half the cost of other flagship devices, the Honor 8 Pro offers you high end features like a Quad HD display, 4K and 1080p 60FPS video recording, a dual camera setup, and a stunning design.


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