Samsung to roll out Bixby Voice support in India by month-end

Bixby Voice

During the Galaxy Note8 launch event today, Samsung revealed that it will begin rolling out Bixby Voice support for its latest flagship smartphones in India starting September 30th. Bixby, as most of you might be aware by now, is Samsung’s latest AI assistant. Currently, only three Samsung Galaxy smartphones come with Bixby Voice support – Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+, and the Galaxy Note8.

Samsung has apparently put in a lot of effort to make sure Bixby can understand various different Indian accents. That means regardless of which part of India you are from, Bixby should be able to understand your commands without any problems. Thanks to deep integration with the Samsung core apps, users can use Bixby to get a wide of range of tasks done without having to use touch input at all.  In the near future, Bixby is likely to be integrated into quite a few third-party apps as well. You can use Bixby to capture a selfie, set reminders, turn on the airplane mode, create new albums, and more. You can also ask Bixby to recommend a nearby restaurant or even help you when shopping online. To access Bixby, users simply need to press and hold the dedicated Bixby button on the left edge of the screen. Speaking to it is not the only way to interact with Bixby. You can also switch to other input modes such as text and taps.

While Samsung had big hopes for Bixby, so far it hasn’t quite managed to create the kind of impression among consumers that it had hoped for. However, Bixby is certainly likely to grow smarter with time, which should make it a more helpful virtual assistant. Even though Samsung hasn’t confirmed it officially, we do expect Bixby integration to be expanded to the company’s mid-range lineup as well, which should help expand its user base.

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