HMD may introduce a Nokia feature phone with 4G VoLTE in India


With smartphones getting affordable each passing day, the feature phones were generally seen as a dying breed. However, Reliance changed this perception by announcing a 4G VoLTE compatible feature phone dubbed as the JioPhone. Not only the feature phones became relevant again, this particular handset made headlines all over. What’s more, Jio had to halt the bookings as six million orders were placed within just three days. Demand was exceeding the assembly line capacity. Now, this is something a brand known for its impeccable feature phones cannot disregard.

So, discussing the recent resurgence of the feature phones, Ajey Mehta, India VP for HMD Global, told Economic Times, “JioPhone is definitely going to have impact on the segment, and there is no question about it. We are watching how this materialises. If we see a viable business proposition, we will definitely consider it and participate,”

He further added that Nokia brand is very strong in the feature phone segment. In India, there are about eight Nokia feature phones available in the market, including a modern rehash of the classic 3310. It is no brainer for HMD to jump on the 4G VoLTE bandwagon before its too late.