Razer’s gaming focussed smartphone will be unveiled on November 1


Razer, a popular brand that makes gaming-focussed hardware such as gaming laptops, keyboard, mice, and headsets, has been teasing its first smartphone since the past few days. Now, the company has hinted that it could unveil its smartphone on November 1. Earlier this year in January, Razer had acquired Nextbit, the new smartphone brand that had introduced itself with the Nextbit Robin. Looks like Razer has used the Nextbit’s team to make a gaming-focussed smartphone.

Razer is calling the announcement of its first phone as its biggest unveiling yet. According to some previous reports, the company has been developing a smartphone for “hardcore gamers.” The company’s tweet about the upcoming product mentions “Watch, Listen, Play” and that could mean that the phone could have an impressive screen, high-quality audio, and powerful processing power. Nextbit’s whole team had joined Razer as an independent mobile division and announced that it will support the Robin for one year with software updates.

[Source: Razer]