Microsoft will soon launch a redesigned version of Outlook for Mac and Windows


Microsoft has announced that it will soon launch a newer version of the Outlook email app for macOS and Windows operating systems. This newer version will feature a redesigned and simpler user interface. Starting last year, the company has changed its strategy by playing the platform-agnostic game, as in, it will offer all of its services on as many platforms as possible.

To attract more users towards its services, the company is updating all its apps on Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows with a modern design and an easy to use interface. As a part of this strategy, it had announced at its Ignite 2017 event that it was internally testing a newer version of the Outlook app. Now, Microsoft has announced that it will soon launch the newer version of the app for macOS and Windows.

Microsoft Outlook Redesign Windows

Compared to Calendar and Outlook Mail apps on Windows, the Outlook app had a complex user interface that is quite complicated for most consumers. Microsoft hopes that the “cleaner, more modern way to do email” will “welcome the next generation of users to Outlook.” Users can customise the Ribbon interface on the upcoming version of Outlook, so users can keep those options on the Ribbon that they use the most.

Microsoft Outlook Redesign MacOS

This newer version will also make it easier for users to add multiple email accounts. For macOS, the company has a slightly different agenda. It wants to offer an “authentically Mac” experience with a newer version of Outlook because it has to compete with Apple’s native email client. It will have a slightly different design which is similar to the iOS version of the app, so it looks even simpler.

[Via: OnMSFT]